Mumbai Matka Lifetime Trick

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Posted on April 24th, 2018

Mumbai matka is the most popular game in satta matka market. Guesser generally prefer mumbai matka and kalyan matka for daily guessing. Other game may pass on special weeks or day but if someone has a good trick then kalyan matka And mumbai matka will pass daily.

So today I will discuss a trick with so that you can earn and recover your losses from satta matka. This trick work for two days in week that is thursday and friday. so don’t play on other days.

Mumbai Matka Life Trick

To go through this trick we should validate the trick with previous result.

Trick procedure-we have to select the resilt of mumbai matka for monday, tuesday, wednessday. Add the two digits of result, then add the sum of all three day, we will get two digit so these 2 digits and there cut are the otc for next two day. According to survey it is clear that this trick will work for atleast one day.

There may be some chance like red ghar and repeat ank when this trick may fails. But still one day will be success which will make you to recover your losses. In no chance the trick will fail for both the day. Now we have to see applying this trick to previous result.

22 38 62 33 96
39 73 46 11 47
25 61 20 51 15
so these are the result of recent three prevoous week of satta matka mumbai matka. So consider the first week first.
22 38 62 33 96
Now select the result of monday tuesday and wednessday.
we have to add the digits of this jodis. we will get 2+2=4,3+8=11,6+2=8
Now adding the sum for all three days we get 4+11+8=23
so we have two otc number for mumbai matka 2,3 now get the cut ank for these number that is cut ank for 2 is 7 and cut ank for 3 is 8. so now we have four number 2,3,7,8.
see the thursday result 33 came so 3 pass both in open and close. But in friday this digit had not get any success.
Now consider the week 2 result
39 73 46 11 47
from these result the result for first three day is 39,73,46
Now add the numbers
We got three sum for three days now we have to add the sums.
so the two numbers are 32 and there cut 78 so same ank with previous week
2,3,7,8 these are the otc for next two day. Now see on thursday this trick is not working but in suturday 47 came so 7 pass as close. So this trick is proved two week success now consider the last week for considering this trick success.

25 61 20 51 15

Now add the first three day result and sum
cut ank for 16 is same 16
so we have only two digits as OTC
now check thursday
1 pass as close.
Now on friday result is 15
so 1 pass in open.

so hence checking of three week proved that this trick will be a successful trick for future week also. so play this trick and call us for more satta matka result.