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Satta Matka Live – Kalyan, Mumbai vs Other Satta Matka Game

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Posted on May 10th, 2018


In this era enjoyment is a key area that people’s most like. So Lots of game and entertainment medium are present there. All the game available in the world are good source of entertainment. The popularity of game depends upon the choice, easy playing and earning while playing. There are various lottery game but satta matka is one of the number guessing game. It is the most popular game in the world.  It provide earning while playing, it also have different type of satta matka game such as kalyan matka,  mumbai matka,  rajdhani matka,  milan matka, gali satta, gali desawar etc.

Mumbai, Kalyan Matka

Among all matka game mumbai and kalyan matka is most popular game. All other sattamatka game have popularity but less than kalyan matka and mumbai matka. Because kalyan matka and mumbai matka are the traditional very old game and it is the choice of customer. Now a day more than 100 games are available in satta matka market.  But less than 10 games have the large popularity among the satta matka player. After kalyan and mumbai matka, rajdhani and milan matka are the most popular.

Another reason for popularity of kalyan matka and mumbai matka is the success rate of satta matka formula on sattamatka. The formula for open close and multiple jodi and cut ank generally works for kalyan and mumbai.

Open Close Formula

Open to Close formula are the formula to found  four digits or less that will come today out of 10 digits.

suppose for example we have to find the open to close from previous day jodi ex.


add 6+7=13





so we gate four digit 5678

again another formula like this is calculating open close from panna.

Multiple jodi Fotmula

Multiple jodi formula is used for calculating multiple pairs of satta matka number.  One of the number from these guess will get success.  suppose we get six number for both open and close then we will identify three from them as open and three as close. Now make combination of the open close and get nine pairs of HD numbers.

ex: suppose the six numbers are 562348

now suppose we identify 568 as open and 234 as close then we will get jodi making combination of these two.

52,62,82,53,63,83,54,64,84  so we got nine pairs of jodi

now if one jodi get sucees with a value rs 100

then we will get 100×90=9000

total investment 9×100=900


so one can get profot through this trick.

Cut Ank Trick

Cut ank means the digit that will not come in the satta matka game. If one can identify the cut ank then he/she will able to minimize number of satta matka  guessing. for example here we can choose one based on date. Cut ank based on date gives two digit that will not come ex date 12



cut of 3 is 8

so the digit 3 and 8 will not come on that date.


All these tricks will work for kalyan and mumbai matka so the popularity of these matka game are more than other satta matka game.