Milan Matka

Understanding the Legal Status of Popular Lottery Games like Milan Matka

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Posted on September 3rd, 2021

The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made many players switch from conventional lottery games to online lottery games. Companies and organizers selling online lottery tickets operate outside India. Hence, Indians can participate in online lottery games legally if their age is more than eighteen years. But the rules related to traditional lottery games like Milan Matka vary from one state to another.

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In India, every state government can control betting, gambling, and lotteries completely by forming laws and imposing restrictions. Many states in India have already legalized lottery games. Hence, a person can play popular lottery games like Milan Matka without violating the rules of law if he is staying in a state like Maharashtra or Goa. But he cannot participate in a lottery game legally if he is staying in a state like Odisha or Karnataka.

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Many websites and mobile apps these days enable players to play Milan Matka remotely over the internet. A player can visit a website to know the schedule of Satta Matka lottery draws as well as know the lottery draw results in minutes. Also, beginners, these days find it more convenient to understand the format and rules of the popular lottery game by accessing reliable websites on their smartphones. Hence, a player can experience the excitement and thrill associated with Milan Matka from various states.

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But the legal status of Milan Matka varies according to the player’s current location. A player can participate in this number-based lottery game legally if he is staying in a state like Maharashtra. But he will violate the law when he participates in Satta Matka draws taking place in Odisha. While playing Milan Matka, a player should consider his current location along with the state in which the lottery draw is taking place. The information will help a player to win a large sum of money in a few hours by playing Milan Matka legally and safely.