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Why Kalyan Matka is more popular than Online Lottery Games in 2020?

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Posted on March 3rd, 2020

A number of market research studies suggest that the global lottery market size has been increasing consistently despite being outlawed by several governments. However, the number of players switching from conventional lottery games to online lottery games has been increasing consistently. Kalyan Matka is one of the conventional lottery systems in India whose massive popularity is not impacted by the online lottery games.

4 Reasons Why Kalyan Matka Remains Massively Popular in 2020

  1. Many Websites and Mobile Apps

Earlier, massive raids were conducted frequently to arrest organizers of Kalyan Matka. Hence, players lacked the option to participate in the lottery games safely and securely. But a player these days can participate in the popular lottery draws remotely, conveniently, and securely over the internet. He even has the option to choose from a wide range of websites and mobile apps.

  1. Simple Rules and Format

The modern form of Kalyan Satta is identical to number guessing lottery games. A player can place bets on random numbers selected by him. He can further select the number in 2 sets. Hence, young enthusiasts and new players can understand the rules of Kalyan Matka and start playing the lottery game without putting extra time and effort.

  1. Option to Avail Tips

Most players explore ways to play Kalyan Matka without impacting their financial health. They look for option to receive a windfall and avoid huge financial losses. There are a number of websites that help players to avoid huge financial losses by providing useful Satta Matka tips on a regular basis.

  1. Know Lottery Draw Results Instantly

In addition to allowing players to play Kalyan Matka remotely, the websites publish the lottery draw results instantly. A player can know the fate of his bet simply by accessing the website on his computer or mobile device. Hence, many players these days play the conventional lottery game just like other forms of online lottery.