How to play Kalyan OTC and Cut ank trick

Posted on April 10th, 2018

Kalyan OTC

The kalyan OTC is the number guessing technique in which we have to identify four or six digit from ten digits of satta matka numbers.  For getting four or six number we should know which are the cut ank which has less chance to know come on satta matka result.


Consider yesterday kalyan result


we can apply the cut ank trick to identify the two cut ank

Add the two digits


Now add 2 to that


cut of 7=2

so two cut ank are 7 and 2

Now we get two cut ank. Now we can follow another cut ank trick to remove other cut anks from the satta matka number.  I will discuss another cut ank trick later in this blog.

But even after getting the number if some one don’t know the playing technique then he will not get any income.

I will suggest how to play. Today two cut ank is 7 and 2 don’t play this now take other number. suppose 4 number are played then play all the 4 number in open. if the numbers not come as open then you have to play the 4 numbers for close with double investment.  That means if you are playing open 100rupees each then you have to play the close if satta matka open not come, with investment of 200 rupees. Playing in this procedure will make you to earn a good income in satta matka. By playing with 100 total investment for four satta matka number will be 400.


if the number get sucess in open then the total profit will be

Income= 1×900=900

profit will be 900-400=500

but if open will not come

then we have to play the satta matka close with the same four ank. Now play the close with the same number. Remember now we have to play the close with double amount. Because if we play with the same amount we can earn only 100rs





but if we play the game for close with double amount 4×200=800

total investment=400+800=1200

now if close pass we will get 200×9=1800

so the profit will be 1800-1200=500

so the profit will be 500

Now you will se a playing technique will make you to earn the same amount whether that satta matka numbrr is coming in open or close. Same 500 will be earned by someone. In this way one can play matka daily and also earn a good earning daily.

If you are playing with investment 1000 for each number then for satta matka open total investment will be 1000×4=4000

Now if number get success in open then total profit will be



Now if open not get success we have to go for investment in close


total investment=8000+4000=12000

income= 2000×9=18000

profit will be 18000-12000=6000

so will get more profit than open in the sattamatka game.

daily 5000 income monthly income at leat 20day calculation


so huge amount of income.


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