Kalyan Matka Cut Ank Trick

Posted on April 9th, 2018


Kalyan Matka cut ank trick will help customer to get the two cut ank for kalyan matka open close numbers. And one can also find another two cut ank from our youtube channel.

Let us consider the Current Week Result

70 06 76 12 11 90

Now Consider the result of previous monday

70 is the jodi result, from this result we can find the cut ank for next day. Cut ank means the the ank that will not come on satta matka open close. Here in 70 we can get the cut ank

first add the digit of the number 7+0=7

then add 2 to it 7+2=9

so the cut ank will be 9 and 4

so next day 9 and 4  not come as open or close.

so on tuesday 06 comes.

now calculating the cut ank for wednessday 0+6=6+2=8 or 3

so on wednessday the open close satta matka cut ank is 8 and 3. Now viewing the result 76 comes. Again applying the trick to 76. 7+6+2=15 here 15 means we have to consider 5 and its cut 0. so 0 and 5 will not come in thursday result.

Thursday 12 comes. Now friday cut ank is 1+2+2=5 and 0.

Friday result is 11. Now calculating for saturday 1+1=2+2=4 and 9.

N.B- This will not work for red house

11 is red house so the result for saturday comes with the cut ank.

saturday 90 comes.

So this trick will help everyone two find the digit which need not to be play by the player. Another two cut ank will be identified by us for you. View our youtube channel to know the another two cut ank. This cut ank will make easier to earn more in satta matka. Many website provide you some open to close¬† based open some tricks. But if their tricks fails you don’t have any choise. Now we are starting a new approach in satta matka. We are providing you the cut ank based on previous result. If you are satisfied with these cut ank then you can play with the rest digit. Even it will help to make strong your guessing based on some satta matka trick.

If you are following some trick and found some open close digits. Then compare that digits with our cut ank, If it will not the same then there will be a huge chances that you will get a success in satta matka game. Even if you don’t have any satta matka guessing trick, you can visit our site for free game also follow our youtube to get the Open to close digits based on the cut ank trick. In addition to the trick we provide another two cut ank for the player for free. so visit our youtube below and subscribe for latest cut ank trick and free Open to close.

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