Posted on March 28th, 2018

Open to Close(OTC)

The first thing to guess in a matka trick is the open to close line. Generally the open to close satta matka guessing is done with 8,6 or 4 digit.  4 digit guess will make us to earn profit.  so today open to close for kalyan matka is 0,4,5,9.

How to play OTC

First find out the four digit of the otc for current day satta matka result.  Then found out the strong and weak between them according to satta matka trick. Play the strong game with more investment then weak.  Otherwise play the all the four satta matka open close with same investment. Play open using OTC and also play the satta matka jodi which will I discuss later.

Now after playing if the OTC is not pass in open then play it as close with double investment.  so that it will recover all investment and also profit will earned from this satta matka game.

Now today our OTC is 0459, if open not pass then we will play 0459 OTC as satta matka close

0459 if one open pass with investment 100. we will earn 900 with investment 400. profit 900-400=500

if open not pass then investment 400+800=1200 and earning is 1800 with 200 investment in close.  so profit will be 1800-1200=600.

Again if jodi will be played some extra earning will come.

Jodi for Today

so today strong open is 5 and 9. make the jodi of 5,9 with another 4 guessed digit

such as for today 2,5,7,6

now make the jodis 52,55,57,56,95,92,97,96 these are the jodis. Play with less investment so that if the jodi will not pass then there will be no loss the OTC will cover all.

But if we play a big amount for jodi then if it fails then the recovery will not be possible and there will be chances of loss in satta matka.

so if we calculate the total investment will be 400+800+200(10*20jodis maximum) =1400 and if close pass we will get 1800 then total profit will be 1800-1400=400.

If all goes well then total investment will be 400+200=600 and earning for a open is 900 and a jodi 800. so total profit will be 1700-600=1100.

Again here I am calculating for 20 jodis for safety precaution.  Any one dont have experience in satta matka guessing will face dificulty to guess four close digit, can play with more digits. so more jodi will appear.  If person is experience in guessing then he will play the jodis with 100s and earn thousand.

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