Posted on April 12th, 2018

Kalyan Matka Time

Kalyan Matka Open Time is Upto 3.40 PM and close Time around 6.00 Pm. So follow our Satta Matka Trick which is posted one day before and get success. If the OTC will not pass in open then you should follow the OTC and play after 3.40 PM. also do’nt forget to double the investment amount or possibly triple if wants a profit. It will make you to get a sure shot profit.

Kalyan Matka Trick

We have discussed a kalyan matka trick earlier just follow that tricks all are working. Here in this block previously we have discussed the cut ank trick. We are using this trick this trick is working it will make you to earn some amount in satta matka. These cut ank tricks are very genuine. Again I am discussing here the technique to help you to guess the accurate satta matka number.

Suppose the jodi of previos day is 41 and we have to find out the result for today. so add the digits in 41

that is 4+1=5

then add 2 to 5


now find the cut of 7 that is 2

so 7 and 2 will not come. These are the CUT ANK for today KALYAN MATKA

Kalyan Matka Tips

Now only knowing the satta matka tricks will not help you to earn the money. To earn some profit you should play smartly. First try for kalyan matka open with a suitable budget. Then if it s fails then try the same otc in close with tripling the budget to get profit and at least double to recover the invested amount.

if you are investing 100 rs in 6 open the total investment is 600

if the open fails try with 300 in close then 6×300=1800

total investment will be 1800+600=2400

now on success in close ank we will get 300×9=2700

total profit will be 2700-2400=300

if you play with 4 digits then the profit will be more but some risk is there.


In Satta Matka Less Risk Game is Better Than Risk

Kalyan Matka Success History

You have a good track record of successfull passing. You can get the proof of our passing of OTC through youtube channel mona guesser. Also one can visit our satta matka result site and find the daily jodi panna passing. You have proved our guessing so far. Try our free game and subscribe us for more free game.

Youtube Links for Kalyan Matka

You can find our channel at mona guesser

Today kalyan matka OTC and CUT ank video

We also provide jodi panna for free at our satta matka result result site.


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